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Its your phone do what you want with it!

Unlock Your Android Phones Potential


Root It

While not all Android phones can be rooted most can. It is possible to do it yourself using information from the different online forums. If you are not comfortable with DIY rooting we can help.  All we need is your phone provider, make and model and we can let you know if we can root it for you.

What Does Rooting Do for Me?

It does different things. Rooting gives you the freedom to give your phone the look and feel you want. Rooting allows for free wifi tethering to share your internet connection without extra billing from your provider. Rooting allows you to backup your devices and restore it completely. It allows you to connect to your  VPN services at work.

Custom Roms

There are a number of different roms out there.  Some of the favorites include MIUI and CyanogenMod.

Check out these forums:

XDA Developers




Basic Rooting is $60 per device. Custom Rom installation is $30

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