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Home Networking Configuration


Techs Direct will get your networked devices working

It’s all about the Connectivity

Lets face it things aren’t like they use to be. You probably have a number of network capable devices now Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phone, TV’s and BluRays are all capable of being networked today. Shouldn’t they all work to their potential.

Getting the Connectivity You Need

Techs Direct can help you figure out your home networking needs and get you up and running smoothly.  Using combinations of all types of home networking technology we will get your devices all connected.  Once we get them connected we can get them working together to the best of their capabilities enhancing your productivity and entertainment experience.

Networking Techologies

Using a combination of wired and wireless technologies we can get you up and running with the best solution possible. Did you know you can run data through your electrical wiring? Its not the fastest connection but works great great for connecting devices such as internet ready televisions and blurays. This can all be connected through your wireless router and if capable your wireless devices can access your wired entertainment devices.

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